Thendral serial online 17-02-2012 Thendral 17-Feb-2012 SunTV serials

Thendral serial online SunTv Tamil serial 17 Feb 2012 Thendral serial Online

Thendral serial 17-02-2012 Thendral tamil serial 17-Feb-2012 Thendral serial online 17 Feb 2012

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7 Responses to Thendral serial online 17-02-2012 Thendral 17-Feb-2012 SunTV serials

  1. Rani says:

    oh my god another new enemy for thulasi now in college and she dont know that tulasi is buvana actual daughter.and tulasi life going to be another headache for few more eposides.why creating more bad ladies.i think indian serial directors are creating such stories for the their satisfaction.i hate it seeing another iritating caracter coming in tulasi life.

  2. Soundari says:

    hahahah Seem like this new character Struti will replace Charu…..i can guess the story, Struthi is not satisfied with Thulasi and she gona revenge thulasi in anyway since Thulasi is being top. Seem like there gona be a competition in their class and it might make Struti to do anything. And of corse Buvana will be helping on her on doing this.
    iashhhhh let see

  3. rasu says:

    Wat a sheer wasteage of time with time-wasting ttempts by the Director. Deserve a kick for this episod

  4. hamsa rashmi says:


  5. Sitra says:

    I agree with Rani the Directors are dragging this serial for their own satisfaction only. It is a waste time watching this serial I think everything is going to be a nuisance again.

  6. rasu says:

    Rani is like me, a sensitive lady to react upon rubbish and time-wasting. Its adeliberate attempt by Director to gain his needs of money and utter selfishness to dump all absurdes to the viewers.
    Sitra’s comments are worthy, bt how many thousands more like us will ever give a hasty-time to the Director as I feel that this TUL-Tamilz episod would take a turn again as TUL chitti is adamant to allow TUL live happily. So Director, have you got a Doter who may face the same onslaught like TUL in reality, please.
    To end this serial well, I suggest the TUL go back to Tamilz, but leave Chaaru in the mental hospital as she may find another young couple to attack as told by Joseph. Hooray, there is NO END to rubbish storyline like this.

  7. teja says:

    It is a waste time watching this serial.Struti will replace Charu. tulasi life going to be another headache for few more episodes. Deserve a kick for this episode.

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