Thendral serial online 21-02-2012 Thendral 21-Feb-2012 SunTV serials

Thendral serial online SunTv Tamil serial 21 Feb 2012 Thendral serial Online

Thendral serial 21-02-2012 Thendral tamil serial 21-Feb-2012 Thendral serial online 21 Feb 2012

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2 Responses to Thendral serial online 21-02-2012 Thendral 21-Feb-2012 SunTV serials

  1. saranya says:

    the best drama….

  2. rasu says:

    Another absurd being dumped into the hatred feelings of the viewers. Whats the great message by Chaaru’s periappa that he has to recire and recall all good, bad and ugly life of Chaaru as a means of time-wasting. To me, he doesn’t even deserve to be granted a form to be filled in to get NOBEL Peace Award?
    As for Lawanya, she must be keft to suffer for her evil to TUL and support for her wretched-mum. Richis decision to stay away frm Lawanya is wonderful as all men must be real MAN one day. If all goes like this, Chaaru may come back with only Tamilz in her mind and create another 100-odd episods, 560 not enaf for us to have suffered, but periappa may lead us to hus Grave with rubbish wisdom into the 6ft hole soon.

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